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Occasional Chairs by Indigo

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Occasional chairs to suit any room. Choose from our range of 9 chairs in fabulous designs, hides and leathers.

We celebrate the inherent natural qualities which makes each piece of leather individual. Every hide has its own natural creases and marks its own story, making your chair unique! Our technique enhances the quality and characteristics of the leather and gives you a truly original item. We are so proud of our chairs that each one is covered by our extensive guarantee.

Prices from 390.00 

Eco-Designer - www.eco-designer.co.uk

Samples available? We do not provide samples
Price: £ 390.00
Sold by: Indigo Furniture LTD
Location: 22 Dale Road, Matlock, Derbyshire  DE4 3LT, United Kingdom
Email: sales@indigofurniture.co.uk
Phone: 01629 581800
Fax: 01629 581820
Web site: http://www.indigofurniture.co.uk


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