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Product benefits
Re-usable / recyclable
Low impact materials
Energy efficiency
Local materials
Social responsibility
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The OTA unit is a wall mounted message board for use with chalk. It has plastic compartments and spaces for storing mail, pocket items and magazines. The OTA unit has a large notice board space and is suitable for a communal area. It is ideal for the kitchen, living room or hallway.

RECYCLE This product uses recycled plastic.

SUSTAIN This product uses low VOC paint.

STIMULATE This product encourages interaction.

Black, blue, magenta, purple and pink chalkboard paint.

500 X 300 X 80 mm

Eco-Designer - www.eco-designer.co.uk

Samples available? We do not provide samples
Price: £ 45.00
Sold by: Spinifex
Location: 122 Woodvale, London, London  SE23 3EB, United Kingdom
Email: samm@spinifex.co.uk
Phone: 07985439349
Web site: http://www.spinifex.co.uk


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