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Reclaimed Panga Panga Parquet

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Reclaimed Panga Panga parquet develops rich colouring over the yearswhich provides depth and a finished appearance that is not achievablewith new Panga Panga or Wenge parquet. We source an assortment ofreclaimed Panga Panga parquet in varying sizes depending onavailability.

 Timber supplied in a reclaimed state or in an 'as is' condition, willneed some form of finishing on site after installation. Some minorcleaning of the product is to be expected and carried out prior tofitting. Various degrees of sanding and different types of finish suchas oils and waxes can produce a multitude of differing looks to thecompleted floor. Due to the complexity of the material we would alwaysrecommend that an experienced flooring contractor be used, especiallyfor the final finishing of a reclaimed floor and would be happy toprovide a quote for the work as well as the material.

We takecare to ensure that the reclaimed materials are good and useable,although due to the nature of the product contamination of varioustypes can occur and may be visible after sanding. Issues like years ofpaint and oxidisation marks from metal fixings or occasional patches ofend decay will be allowed for and trimmed where possible. In additionthe resin and oil content of old timber usually dissuades any pestattack, but occasionally small areas may be discovered and removed ortreated. We cannot guarantee freedom from any of the above and more,but most clients consider these as cosmetically pleasing features thatare within the bounds of their salvaged material requirements.

Eco-Designer - www.eco-designer.co.uk

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Full price: £ 73.00   Selling price: £ 62.20
Sold by: Ecora
Location: 20 Englands Lane, London, London  NW3 4TG, United Kingdom
Email: sales@ecora.co.uk
Phone: 02071485265
Web site: http://www.ecora.co.uk


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