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Product benefits
Re-usable / recyclable
Low impact materials
Energy efficiency
Local materials
Social responsibility
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Re-Form table

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The Re-Form  table is made from a beech frame and a top of recycled plastic of your choice.  The beech is grown locally and the top can be made from many of the recycled plastics manufactured by Smile Plastics.

Eco-Designer - www.eco-designer.co.uk

Samples available? We do not provide samples
Price: £ 480.00
Sold by: Re-Form Furniture
Location: Conileigh, Skinners Bottom, Redruth, Cornwall  TR16 5DY, United Kingdom
Email: aaronmoore@linuxmail.org
Phone: 01209 890084
Web site: http://www.re-formfurniture.co.uk


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